Outstanding experience Dr Liang is the first doctor I’ve met in S D County in her field who is beyond competent, listens, takes notes, clear in conversation & makes her own assessments after reviewing hearing patient combined with reviewing facts. Bravo”

She is someone who cares about helping people with real imbalances that affect daily lives. I trust her immensely and I believe she is very smart & intuitive in diagnosing and finding the best route to improving people’s conditions/struggles.”

“I like how she works with you and does not just hand you a prescription to see what will happen. It took me 4 tries to find someone that would pay attention and listen to what I was really saying. Try her she is good.”

Dr. Li Liang is a very good listener and very good at solving problems concerning meds and their side effects. She is very interested in knowing all about the patient’s physical problems as well as mood problems. I am very pleased with her services.”

I’m very thankful to have found Dr. Liang. It had been a very frustrating experience to navigate the mental health resources available in the San Diego area until I found Dr. Liang. I was fortunate enough to find an oasis of professional caring with her.”

“Dr. Liang is so supportive and also so honest. I’ve been to many different psychiatrists throughout my life as a result of moving. Dr Liang is by far and away the most exceptional doctor I’ve seen for my condition. So thankful for her.”

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