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Wow. I have never felt more understood and cared for as a patient. Dr Li Liang has been a breath of fresh air, after being treated poorly by many doctors about my adult add diagnosis. She takes the time to truly figure out where I’m struggling and she meets me there. Even though we’ve only done virtual appointments so far due to COVID, she has changed my life for the better. So thankful to have help from someone who totally understands! Five stars isn’t enough

CB from Yelp

I have been going to clearinsight for 4 years! Dr. Liang and NP Dietrich do a phenomenal job making me feel comfortable. They are both very genuine people who want to help as much as they can. They do not rush you in and out of appointments. They take their time with each patient and really care about what’s going on in your life. I would definitely recommend Clearinsight to anybody who is looking for a psychiatrist.

ZP from Yelp

Dr. Li Liang and the staff have been so wonderful these past years especially during covid and navigating through tele health . They have always truly listened to me and helped me so much even with battling my insurance to get the right prescription. Whether I am a meeting with Dr. Liang , a nurse practitioner or PA I always feel like they truly care about what’s going on in my life beyond just writing me a prescription.

MK from Yelp

I have always been apprehensive about seeing a psychiatrist. I have been to many therapists who have warned me about the dangers and scams of psychiatrists and psychotropic medication. I expected this to be a meaningless session where a doctor sells me drugs. But it was nothing like that. Dr. Liang was so amazing and such a good listener. I felt like she genuinely cared about me and wanted the best solution for my problems, and didn’t just want to start experimenting with different drugs. In fact, by the end of our session, she did not even prescribe me anything, and told me to continue my self-care and therapy. Meds are not a cure all, but for anyone looking for a trustworthy, honest psychologist, Clearinsight and Dr. Liang are amazing. I highly recommend!

RM from Yelp

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